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PiecebyPeace stands for consciously handling the earth, others and oneself.

​At PiecebyPeace you can find handmade eco-conscious yoga gear & much more to get you to Peace <3.
​I've collected everything to help you get in touch with your inner Guru, to be kind to Mother Earth and to be at Peace with yourself.
​This is why I say: "Let Peace be your lifestyle.."

PiecebyPeace originated through the search for myself and my core values. I came in contact with some very special people who were able to help me on my path and now it was time to bring my love for art and fashion together with my life vision.

I would like to motivate and inspire others to have a conscious, caring, accepting and light attitude towards the world and to life. Everything is temporary. Nice feelings, bad feelings, success and failure; everything constantly changes.

This phrase of Pema Chodrön is a great inspiration for me: "You are the sky, everything else… It's just the weather".